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100% Leather

We love leather

Only the best is good enough, and all products have been handcrafted and made with love from design process to putting the pieces together. The leather is handpicked and brought together in a symphony of well thought out decisions of zipper, button and pocket placements.

All pieces are put together by hand, finishing it all off with a coating lacquer and wax to enhance the aesthetic and performance of each and every product.

Quality over quantity

We cherish good quality over quantity any day, making each bag your soul companion and to only grow more beautiful year after year.

We know how to smell, feel and sense good quality. Inspired by the world surrounding us, where every design must live up to our demands for quality, functionality and usefulness. 

100% handmade soap bar
safe & environmentally friendly


Process of production

1. Design process - Each style is designed In-house. As well as designing the shape of a particular style, all measurements have been selected beforehand, to make sure the production lives up to the design in mind. Everything is picked out before the production process: which leather quality, colour of hardware, measurements, placement of embossments, studs and inside compartments.

2. Selection of leather –
When the design is ready for production, the leather is selected for each piece. Making sure only the best quality leather is used for a lasting and beautiful result.

3. Cutting - Once the leather has been selected, all components are cut from the raw leather.

 4. Waxing - Before putting the pieces together, each piece is waxed by hand, to repel any dirt and scratches for when the bag is put to use, leaving the leather both soft and shiny.

safe & environmentally friendly

5. Finishing touches – The last details are added to each component, like the embossed logo detail, edge thinning, measurements, and edge colouring.

6. Assembling - After each piece is finalized all components are put together by hand.

7. Checking - before the final result, the bags are checked to make sure everything lives up to our standard.

8. Packaging – Each bag has been added a disposable hang tag and packed in a recycled plastic bag to keep the bag safe for shipment.

9. Dispatch - When each style has gone through this process, the bags will be packed and ready for shipment to our warehouse in Denmark.

We love leather

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Handmade production

Our production is mainly based in India in close collaboration with our suppliers, under good conditions in terms of working standards, health and safety at the workplace as well as environment and work ethics. Our production is validated by SMETA which is Sedex's social audit method, which makes it possible for companies to evaluate their suppliers and working conditions in the supply chain. 

All materials are all handpicked in order to create the expression we desire and every product is carefully put together by hand to achieve the best possible product every time. By combining great quality, function and elegance we create accessories that make any stylish woman feel unique.

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our finest quality

About the Urban quality

Due to different procedures, the look and feel of the leather varies resulting in a variety of leather qualities.

The Urban quality is a natural milled cow leather. The leather is processed in a colour dye before the surface has been finalized which keeps the original grain pattern of the raw leather. The quality is defined by its natural beauty and soft touch where individual characteristics are a normal and a unique feature. After the bags have been dyed, light wax is by hand applied on top of the leather surface to keep out any dirt and to repel liquids for when the bag is put to use.

This leaves the Urban leather to only become more and more beautiful over time as the bag is being used, creating a patina to the handbag.

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Dark Brown

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Dark Burned Tan

Colour variations of the urban leather

Burned Tan


Dark Brown


Army Green