Anur - Dark Brown

450 DKK

Anur women's glove
With fleece lining

These elegant leather gloves are characterized by their distinctive quilt detail on the front of the glove. The look of the glove is completed with a metallic zipper detail. On the back, the glove has an elastic detail for a better fit. A beautiful and feminine glove.

The gloves are designed in the softest leather, and are lined with delicious soft fleece lining, which makes the glove nice and soft and comfortable in the winter cold.

When you need to use your smartphone, you can keep the gloves on, as the tip of the index and thumb has a touch screen function on both the right and left glove. Note that the touch screen function may decrease over time as the gloves become worn.

Extremely elegantly detailed glove, with a feminine look for the modern woman.

Style no. 5113
Color: Dark Brown
Quality: 100% Leather

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