Niva Soft - Soft Black

200 DKK

Small wallet with key ring and zipper closure at the top.

• Main Compartment with Zipper Closure
• Key Ring.
Size: Small Wallet.

Due to different procedures, the look and feel of the leather varies resulting in a variety of leather qualities.

Quality: 100 % Leather – Soft Leather.

About the Soft Quality:
The soft quality varies between an aniline and semi-aniline leather, depending on the colour applied. The aniline leathers are dyed with soluble dyes, which retains the natural surface of the hides. Any visible variations on the surface, of the undyed leather, will remain after the dying process. This demands the highest selections of the hides, as scares, pores and other blemishes will not be covered. The aniline leather is a very distinctive and exclusive leather, and the leather is characterized by its soft and elegant feel. Distinct for this leather is furthermore, that the colour applied is more solid than with the vintage type leathers, which gives a very stylish and uniform expression.

Style no. 2843
Color: Soft Black
Quality: 100% Leather
Dimensions: H: 8 x W: 14 cm

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