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1656 Crossover in soft Urban Leather

Project Bags

A collection made with love to embrace your next knitting project

Did you know that our production is handmade? From the first scrap of leather to piecing it all together

Made in 100% Leather

Seasonal Essentials

in geuine leather



FSC® is the world's most trusted certification scheme for sustainable forestry. The FSC certificate shows that our hangtags are made of wood or other forest-based products from sustainable forests and other responsible sources. An FSC forest area will be the same generation after generation. FSC ensures that the forest is managed with respect for animals, plant life and humans.
Tote Bags

Reusable Shoppers

Awareness seems to make a pattern in the fashion industry spreading like rings in the ocean, but the truth is this collection alone will not save the planet, but good quality Is an investment in the future, where we consume less and buy better. Making a product that will last a lifetime in timeless and grounded designs - LESS STUFF MORE MEANING.

100% Climate Neautral

We want this bag to have the smallest possible carbon footprint. It is made from Scandinavian trees, grown in FSC-certified forests. Produced in Scandinavian mills, using climate friendly renewable energy sources. At each step we minimize the CO2 emissions. We calculate the small remaining footprint and compensate for this in a Gold Standard project. That is why we can say that this bag is 100% Climate Neautral.
From trash to treasure

No waste goes to waste

We have made a collection of styles with the desire of reducing our environmental footprints by using waste leather from our production. This process can be divided into two catagories which we call Zero Waste and Torn & Cuts. Both processes using waste, but in two different ways and with two different results.

The choices we make today

are small steps towards a sustainable living..

Extend the lifetime of your favorite style with Leather Care - We care, do you?

Benefits of Leather Care

Our Leather Care is both water and stain repellent, it keeps the leather
soft and supple and extends the life of your favorite leather item.

We always recommend using our Leather Care before putting your new leather item
to use, but it can also be beneficial to use our Leather Care on an older
leather item, in need of a little care, as the Leather Care saturates the color
of the leather and repairs scratches

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