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“Consume less, buy better”

Awareness seems to make a pattern in the fashion industry spreading like rings in the ocean, but the truth is this collection alone will not save the planet, but good quality Is an investment in the future, where we consume less and buy better. Making a product that will last a lifetime in timeless and grounded designs - less stuff more meaning.

Thank you for helping us follow our vision. Small steps are better than no steps at all. So make the most of the life you have been given. Take care of yourself, and take care of others. But most importantly, always follow your heart! Love, RE:DESIGNED.

Hangtags and packaging

We are working on FSC certificating all our hangtags. In this process it will create a gap where a mixture of FSC Certification hangstangs and our former hangtags will be found, as we do not condone to waste, all hangtags will be used until there is no more left. In the future only FSC certified hangtags will be found in our production. 

The FSC certificate means that all our hangtags are made of wood, paper and other natural products that can leave degradable and / or recycled materials. 

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Transport & animal welfare

To support a green environment, most goods will be transported by sea, which reduces less CO2 than by plane. Therefore you will find that 90% of our production will be shipped.

Animal welfare
All our leather is supported by EU´s rules of animal welfare: free from hunger and thirst, discomfort, pain, injuries, diseases, normal behaviour and free from fear. Our leather comes from the meat production, where we will use as much as the leather as possible to minimize and reduce the waste.


All materials have been carefully selected and put together by hand.

100% Leather

"Consume less buy better"

Made with love

We are leather specialists with some of the highest leather qualities on the market, we know how to smell and feel good quality.

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