"Consume less, buy better"

We prioritize quality over quantity, focusing on the use of durable leather that combines impressive durability with timeless charm.
Our products are designed to last for years,and we see leather as an investment in the future - less stuff more meaning.

All pieces are put together by hand, finishing it all off with a coating lacquer and wax to enhance the aesthetic and performance of each and every product.

Hangtags & Packaging

Its the small steps towards sutainability that makes the difference. Small steps are better than no steps at all, bringing you on this journey for a more sustainable living, of the small decissions we make.

We are working on FSC® certificating all our hangtags. In this process it will create a gap where a mixture of FSC certificated hangtags and our former hangtags will be found, as we do not condone to waste, all hangtags will be used until there is no more left.
In the future only FSC certified hangtags will be found in our production.

FSC® is the world's most trusted certification scheme for sustainable forestry.

The FSC certificate shows that our hangtags are made of wood or other forest-based products from sustainable forests and other responsible sources. An FSC forest area will be the same generation after generation. FSC ensures that the forest is managed with respect for animals, plant life and humans.

We want this bag to have the smallest possible carbon footprint. It is made from Scandinavian trees, grown in FSC-certified forests. Produced Scandinavian mills, using climate friendly renewable energy sources. At each step we minimize the CO2 emissions. We calculate the small remaining footprint and compensate for this in a Gold Standard project. That is why we can say that this bag is 100% Climate Neutral.

Handmade production

Transport & Animal Welfare

To support a green environment, most goods will be transported by sea, which reduces less CO2 than by plane. Therefore you will find that 90% of our production will be shipped.

Animal welfare
All our leather is supported by EU´s rules of animal welfare: free from hunger and thirst, discomfort, pain, injuries, diseases, normal behaviour and free from fear. Our leather comes from the meat production, where we will use as much of the leather as possible to minimize and reduce the waste.

Proudly Achieved

Zero Waste / Trash to Treasure

We made a unique selection of styles with the desire of reducing our environmental footprints by using waste leather from our production.
These styles was made from waste leather created during cuts or from torn and cut skins.

As the skins are worked at the tanneries, torn and cuts can occur which might damage the skins. These torn and cut skins are assorted, left unused, discarded or just put aside at the tannery, leaving a waste of materials.

FSC certified & recycled materials

FSC certificated hangtags made of wood, paper and other natural products that can leave degradable and / or recycled materials. 

Our packaging as well is 100% climate neautral. It is made from Scandinavian trees, grown in FSC-certified forests. Produced Scandinavian mills, using climate friendly renewable energy sources. At each step we minimize the CO2 emissions.

Validated working conditions

Our production is validated by SMETA which is Sedex's social audit method, which makes it possible for companies to evaluate their suppliers and working conditions in the supply chain.

This ensures good conditions in terms of working standards, health and safety at the workplace as well as environment and work ethics.


Our design process begins in-house, where we carefully plan each styles shape and measurements, as well as choices such as leather quality, hardware color, embossment placement, studs, and interior compartments.

We select only the finest quality leather to ensure durability and aesthetics. The raw leather is precisely cut into components. Each piece is meticulously hand-waxed, resulting in a soft, scratch-resistant finish. Finishing touches, including logos and edge details, are added with precision. 

Our skilled artisans hand-assemble all components. Stringent quality checks are conducted to uphold our high standards. Bags are thoughtfully packed for secure shipment and lastly dispatched to our warehouse in Denmark.