Fun fact - this bestseller has followed us for 10 years, and it is still one of the best selling styles in our collection.
Our bags are really made to last.

Established in 2003

Re:Designed is a danish established brand, designing and manufacturing handbags in quality leather. The brand was established in 2003 with a passion for slow fashion and an ambition to create a timeless and durable design in lasting patinated leather. All our designs are handmade in close cooperation with our talented manufactures, drawn and designed in our headquarters in Denmark. Quality is one of our core values, and will be found throughout all collections where the main characteristic is original soft grained leather in a patinated look that becomes more and more beautiful in time.

How it all started

A passion for fashion

Re:Designed was the dream of creating something new. The founders behind the brand Allan Feder and his former partner, both with a passion for fashion started the company to create and build up their own. Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined it taking sails as it did.

A dynamic start

When the company was founded in 2003 it was with an idea of distributing clothes from the Italian clothing brand `Dixie´. Both parties were well established in the fashion industry with a wide knowledge and while one took care of orders and shipment, the other took care of budget and invoices as both functioned in sales. A dynamic team was the foundation of what we know today as Re:Designed.


While the company was still in the starting fase, all orders were held and shipped directly from their private home where everything was stocked in garages. Later they experienced a rise in demand of accessories where watches and handbags now had become part of the assortment.
At a blink of an eye accessories had become the main focus.

In 2004 some major steps for the company were taken where 7 new employees had made their way in to the family by 2005. As the company grew so did the garages, and all 3 of them was now used to stock collections. When the garage spacing grew too small 2 x 20 feet containers were shipped in the driveway. In 2006 the company outgrew both garages and the containers, here a piece of land was bought where a 600 m2 warehouse and office were build, which later would be expanded with another 600 m2 warehouse.

A new chapter

The 1st of august 2015 Allan bought out his partner of the former Dixie, which today is 100% owned by Allan. The brand changed its name from Dixie to Re:Designed est. 2003. Same year the essentials collection were launched. This collection became the heart of the brands best sellers. Today it is the core collection and represents the DNA of the company in stylish but minimalistic designs in our quality leather.

The 1st of April 2017 the company changed its location, to a new domicile at Kometvej 8B in Horsens, Denmark, and the last puzzle in a completed change of the former Dixie had fallen into place. 

Founder Allan Feder

Today Re:Designed is a true love story of quality and functionality. Our designs are made to last, following the ethics of slow fashion, in a timeless design and above great quality. Re:Designed has since expanded to 7 countries. Our key value is our QUALITY LEATHER, we take a deep pride in our high performance bestseller styles, that season after season never cease to go out of style. These timeless pieces require a tough but soft leather, that is able to repel dirt and scratches applied to the bag over the years. 


Handcrafted braided leather

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