This unique selection of styles was made with the desire of reducing our environmental footprints by using waste leather from our production. 
    Introducing: Zero Waste X Torn & Cuts

    Zero Waste: Zero Waste is made from waste leather created during cuts from our production. As each individual style is cut from a larger piece of leather, it leaves waste around the edges. We have made sure that this waste, doesn't go to waste by turning trash into treasure. For our Zero waste collection, the waste leather is cut into smaller strips of leather and stitched together by hand. The edges that would have ended up in the trash, now turns into a unique handbag which covers your every need of style and functionality.

    Torn & Cuts: Were made from torn and cut skins during production. As the skins are worked at the tanneries, torn and cuts can occur which might damage the skins. These torn and cut skins are assorted, left unused, discarded or just put aside at the tannery, leaving a waste of materials. Torn & Cuts minimises this waste by reusing the assorted pieces of torn and cut skins, giving new life to the leather. The waste leather is cut into smaller squares and stitched together by hand ensuring a unique and beautiful handbag where no two are the same. 

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    Re:Designed Leather Care

    We care, do you?

    Did you know that our Leather Care makes the leather both water and stain repellent, extending the life of the leather?

    We always recommend using Leather Care before putting your new beloved leather item to use.