Gry - Black

900 DKK

Gry shopper - a limited edition style, that is produced according to the waste created from the production of other styles. Gry comes in 3 different color options: Black, Desert Sand and Walnut, where the production and stock might vary in the three shades as waste is created. Gry is made entirely of waste leather, still holding our high demands of quality and design.

As each individual style is cut from a larger piece of leather, it leaves waste around the edges. We have made sure that this waste, doesn't go to waste by turning trash into treasure. For our Zero waste collection, the waste leather is cut into smaller strips of leather and stitched together by hand.

NOTE: This order contains a FREE TOTE BAG.
• Handcrafted
• Main compartment with magnetic button closure
• Two open inner pockets
• Spacious design (can contain a laptop)

Made in Urban Leather
A natural milled cow leather defined by its unique features where the original grain pattern has been preserved. A light wax has been applied to enhance the vintage look of the leather leaving it smooth & soft.

Style no. 5423
Color: Black
Quality: 100% Leather
Dimensions: H:35 x W:39 x D:10

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